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Project Description
The Fallen Game Engine is a simple cross platform 2d game framework. This is going to be the basis for my new game, which is currently called Fallen. I'm opening up the source at request of other developers. Contributors are welcome.

This code is incredibly immature, and will likely be very volatile for awhile.

Important: While the fge code is all being released under Apache 2.0 Open Source license, the code in the Libraries folder is covered by the licenses chosen by the authors of those libraries. Please check those files for more information.


June 30, 2011

Warning: There aren't alot of people using fge, but if you are, please be aware that soon I'll be starting a new branch of development that will break compatibility with the current version. As I've used fge to create the Hypership port, I've found several poor design decisions and some things that could use an overhaul. I'll be upgrading to SDL 1.3, and adding the boost library. I'll be sure to write an update here when I merge that branch back into the main code.

May 11, 2011

The commit I just made includes support for loading/rendering fonts. As with much of the framework, it should be very familiar to XNA developers. Freetype fonts are created with the origin at the baseline, and not top-left, however. There's currently no support for any sort of content pipeline, and the fonts I'm loading are binary files created from truetype fonts. I'll integrate my font builder in soon, but until then, you can find source for it here. (Visual C++ project only, so far.) Update: As of Change Set 60709, the FontBuilder is now included in the Visual Studio project in svn.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to automate content builds in a cross-platform friendly manner, I'd love to hear them.

May 5, 2011

I made some big changes today, so if you grab the source from the svn, you'll need to make a few tweaks to build with VC++ 2010.

Setting the path to SDL
I've moved the SDL files out of the project folders, because it's confusing to have them live in the project for use on Windows, but then remain unused on MacOSX where I'm building against the SDL.framework. So now you'll need to install the SDL binaries and development headers yourself. (You need both SDL and SDL_mixer.) As all the files you need come in four separate downloads, I've combined them together.

1) Download the SDL files.
2) Extract them to somewhere you can reference pretty easily. (I used C:\Libraries\SDL, but whatever you want is fine.)
3) Create an environment variable named SDL_PATH with the name of that folder. (Control Panel | System | Advanced system settings | Environment Variables)

And if you want to run the test (named fge_test) from Visual Studio, you need to set the working directory to $(OutDir)
You can find that by looking at: (Project | Properties | Debugging | Working Directory)

Once the library is more stable, I'll put together some sort of install script that will automate this annoying stuff, but for now if you have any problems, just send me a note, or post in the Discussion forums.

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